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Letter biscuit because of its shape like the English letter named, its main ingredients for fine flour, sugar, milk spices and other processing.Selection of wheat flour fragrant crisp delicious, rich in a variety of high quality nutrition, skimmed milk powder, milk powder is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, vitamin C, sodium, calcium and other nutrients, vertical mixer adept rub up, wheat flour, milk powder and other ingredients and the combination of the fully, to produce high quality of biscuit dough, roll cutting machine processing, a variety of shapes, shape beautiful letters biscuit biscuit embryo will appear in front of our eyes, then transfer into the mixed gas oven roasted, mature after baking process, biscuits looks delicate, beautiful biscuit incense, taste, appearance and lovely. Letter biscuit is specially customized for the baby, letter biscuit for the baby's growth escort good biscuits, letter biscuit, baby biscuit expert! Full set of letter biscuit automatic production line / automatic biscuit machine including:Vertical dough mixer,Dough cutting machine with conveyor,Three roller sheeter,Gauge rolls,Rotary cutter,Separate machine,Entrance transfer machine,Hybrid gas baking oven,Peeling machine,Straight line type cooling conveyor and Vertical packing machine.

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