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Dough forming machine

Dough forming machine section is mainly used for forming the dough. Different biscuit use different forming section. Forming machine used are also different. The forming of hard dough biscuit is much more complicated than soft dough biscuit. Dough forming machine used are different.
1.Soft dough biscuit forming by rotary moulder.The dough should be fed very evenly and consistently to the hopper of the rotary moulder, maintaining an even level across the width of the machine during the production.
2.General hard dough biscuit with layer texture need use laminator.Usually laminated with four to six layers at around 4.0mm thickness.The dough is then gauged with a maximum reduction at each gauge roll.Excessive reductions of the dough thickness will prevent good lift or spring of the cracker. A relaxation conveyor is used to relax the tension in the dough sheet before cutting,as soda biscuit are subject to considerable shrinkage after cutting and during baking. Then dough sheet will be cut in any shape as customer want by using rotary cutter.
3.Some special hard dough biscuit need sheeted without lamination such as potato crisp cracker. This kind of biscuit need use three roller sheeter and gauge roll to reduce the dough sheet gradually. Then dough sheet will be cut in any shape as customer want by using rotary cutter. This can effectively prevent the biscuit bubble during baking.

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