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Small scale biscuit production line

Golden Bake Group, a Health Care Supplies enterprise, is mainly engaged in the production and sales of biscuit machine.Various in styles, Golden Bake Biscuit Production Line's biscuit machine can meet the needs of different customers.Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of biscuit machine. It is of fine workmanship and good quality and is well sold in the domestic market.

In order to meet the needs of most small scale factories, our company can provide customers with fully automated small scale biscuit production lines. The shape of the hard and soft dough biscuits produced can be customized according to customer needs. According to the type of biscuits that the customer wants to produce, we can choose the electric baking oven or gas baking oven for the customer. The small scale biscuit production line and the large biscuit production line is no different.. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel. From dough mixing to packaging, the entire production line is automated. Our automatic biscuit production line can save labor costs and shorten production time. Improve production quality and hygiene.

The minimum output of the small-scale biscuit line can reach 50-100kg/h. It covers an area of about 26m*0.6m. The plant area needs more about 30*2m.

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