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The characteristic of potato crisp cracker is that they are large and thin. The raw material consists of flour, fresh potatoes and water. After the potato is cooked and peeled, the highly efficient and fully automatic horizontal dough mixer blends the mashed potatoes, flour, grease and other ingredients perfectly to produce the dough with good spring, toughness and ductility. Under the processing of laminator, the layer sense of row biscuit is more distinct. Through the rotary cutter, the dough sheet is cut into round and thin row biscuit. Baked in a hybrid gas oven, the biscuit are bright in color, fresh in flavor and crisp in taste. Nowadays, potato crisp cracker has become the must-sell biscuit in major supermarkets and is loved by people.
Full set of potato crisp cracker making machine automatic biscuit production line including:
Horizontal dough mixer/Vertical dough mixer, Dough cutting machine with conveyor, Cut sheet laminator, Three roller sheeters, Gauge rolls, Rotary cutter, Separate machine, Entrance transfer machine, Hybrid gas baking oven, Peeling machine, Oil sparying machine with oil filter, Powder sprinkler, Straight line type cooling conveyor, Rotary stacker, Packing conveyor, Horizontal packing machine.

A typical potato biscuit production line includes a mixer, a sheeting and cutting machine, a tunnel oven, a cooling line, and a packaging unit. Each component is integral to the production process, ensuring that the potato biscuits are made to precise specifications with a uniform appearance and texture.

A potato crisp cracker making machine is also called a food crisp maker, which can be used to make different types of snacks. At the same time, a potato crisp maker is also called a food crisp maker, or cookie crisps making machine. Cookie potato crisp machine can be used for snacks like cookies and potato crisp cracker.

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