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Biscuit cooling machine

Post baking section is mainly used for cooking and packing biscuit. The biscuit cooling conveyor after baking oven is used for normal cooling conveying. Then stacking the biscuit and delivery it to packing machine. Depending on the conditions of the site, the following cooling conveying methods are available with 90°,180°or 74°turning machine:
1.Straight line type: Using straight line biscuit cooling conveyor in the enough length factory.
2.Zigzag type:Using zigzag type cooling conveyor in limited both length and width factory.But need enough height.
3.U type:Using single or multiple turning machine to lengthen cooling length in the limited length factory.
Once biscuit have cooled,it is usually necessary to stack them in order to feed to sandwich machine or packing machine. There are two systems for placing biscuit. We can help customer to determine the most appropriate solution for your production line taking into account the product itself and capacity.
1.Penny stacker offers faster rates and is generally more appropriate for products of different sizes and thus easier for introducing production changes.
2.Star wheel stacker allows to work with independent lanes. With this system, biscuit are placed more vertically.
After stacking, the biscuit need packing. Biscuits should be packed in grams such as hollow panda biscuit and gold fish biscuit need use vertical packing machine.Biscuit should be packed in quantities such as soda biscuit and ritz biscuit need use horizontal packing machine.

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