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Soda biscuit are popular tough biscuits at present, with a variety of flavors, including original taste, milky taste, green onion taste, black sesame taste, sesame taste, high fiber and other taste. Therefore, consumers have a variety of choices. For the production of soda biscuit, it is necessary to ferment after mixed the dough to form a unique flavor and sweet taste of soda biscuit. As a result, there are a large number of loyal fans, especially those who love children and teenagers. The market prospect of soda biscuit is worth looking forward to! Full set of soda biscuit automatic biscuit production line / automatic cookie machine including:Vertical dough mixer, Dough cutting machine with conveyor, Cut sheet laminator, Gauge rolls, Rotary cutter, Separate machine, Sugar/salt sprinkler, Entrance transfer machine, Hybrid gas baking oven, Peeling machine, Straight line type cooling conveyor, Rotary stacker and Horizontal packing machine.

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