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Sandwich biscuits are characterized by a variety of sauces in the two biscuits, such as chocolate, cranberry sauce, mango sauce, strawberry jam, cheese, blueberry sauce, sesame, etc. as a sandwich to increase the taste of the biscuit. Sandwich biscuits are resistant to storage, easy to carry, and have a variety of flavors. Therefore, they are very convenient at home or on the road. They are popular among biscuit fans and are loved by people. At present, the variety of biscuits is developing in the direction of leisure and functional food. For the production process, in the fineness of the vertical dough mixer to make the high-quality biscuit dough, rotary cutting and baking are prepared, the first processing procedure of the biscuit is completed, and then various sandwich seasonings are sandwich into the biscuit. In between, complete the second processing. Nowadays sandwich biscuits have also become one of most popular biscuits due to their diverse flavors. Full set of sandwich biscuit machine / automatic production line including:Vertical dough mixer,Dough cutting machine with conveyor,Three roller sheeter,Gauge rolls,Rotary cutter,Separate machine,Entrance transfer machine,Hybrid gas baking oven,Peeling machine,Oil sparying machine with oil filter,Straight line type cooling conveyor,Rotary stacker,Sandwich machine,Packing conveyor and Horizontal packing machine.

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