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Oreo biscuit production line is a specialized assembly line used to manufacture Oreo biscuits on a large scale. It involves a series of machines and processes that are designed to produce consistent quality sandwich biscuits consisting of two chocolate wafers and a sweet cream filling. From mixing the ingredients for the cookie dough to forming perfectly round biscuits, passing through an oven where they acquire their characteristic chocolaty brown color and crispy texture, every stage is carefully regulated. Once baked, these delicious treats move along conveyors towards a filling station where creamy vanilla-flavored icing is generously applied between two cookies using robotic arms,finally they become one complete Oreo biscuit. Full set of oreo biscuit equipment / automatic biscuit production line including: Horizontal dough mixer, Rotary moulder, Entrance transfer machine, Hybrid gas baking oven, Peeling machine, Oil sparying machine with oil filter, Straight line type cooling conveyor, Rotary stacker, Sandwich machine,Packing conveyor,Horizontal packing machine.


Oreo biscuit are a chocolate-flavored sandwich biscuit. Two pieces of dark chocolate-flavored biscuits with embossed patterns and a white cream filling in the middle. Because Oreo's taste is crisp and sweet, it is loved by the majority of sweets. The popular slogan is: twist, lick, and bubble.Oreo biscuit with milk is a popular way to eat cookies.The texture of the soft dough biscuit is not the same as the texture of the hard dough biscuit. It has a crispy texture with bubbles.Compared to hard dough biscuits, soft dough biscuits can absorb liquid like milk in a short time.The milk-soaked oreo biscuit are soft, no longer crispy, and are blended with chocolate and milk, making them more suitable for older people and children.Avoid choking them.

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