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Marie biscuit originated in 1874. In order to bless the beautiful and romantic love story of the Russian Princess Marie and the Duke of England, Peek Freans invented the new biscuit and named it "Marie biscuit". Since then, Marie's biscuit has been popular in European countries, and with the development of international trade, spread to Asia, the Americas and Australia, becoming a world-famous classic biscuit. The preparation of the Marie biscuit is mainly based on low-gluten flour, white sugar, lactose, and fat, and an appropriate amount of other ingredients such as a loosening agent and a flavoring agent are added to increase the flavor. The hot flour mixing process increases the texture of the biscuit embryo; the rotary cutting process makes the biscuits have a concave pattern, and the shape is unique and beautiful; the mature baking process makes the biscuit taste sweet, rich in texture and full in color. Therefore, Marie biscuit is the first choice for nutritional breakfast biscuits! Marie biscuit is often eaten with milk. Milk softens it to make it taste fine, so it is also popular among family infants. For the food, you can also make a unique Marie sandwich by applying butter or tomato sauce to the biscuits. Today, Marie biscuit has become an integral part of biscuit lovers. Full set of marie biscuit automatic biscuit production line / machine for biscuits including:Vertical dough mixer, Dough cutting machine with conveyor, Cut sheet laminator, Gauge rolls,Rotary cutter, Separate machine, Entrance transfer machine, Hybrid gas baking oven, Peeling machine, Straight line type cooling conveyor, Rotary stacker and Horizontal packing machine.

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