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Cream Puff (Soes) Production Line



Cream Puff(Soes) Production Line

Cream Puff Production Line

Cream Puff / Soes / Profiterole, also known as "Cream Hollow Cake" in Taiwan, is a spherical pastry originating from France. Common puffs include whipped cream, chocolate or ice cream from a fluffy, open-hole crust. The material wrapped inside is added by injection or by tearing the top; the top of the latter often needs to be replaced by other ingredients. You can also sprinkle powdered sugar, jelly, fruit or chocolate on top of the puff wrap. Depending on the fillings filled, the puffs have many different names in different places.

The whole cream puff production line includes: Vertical dough mixer, Dough feeder, Puff forming machine, Puff oven, Drag conveyor, 5-layer dryer, Cooling conveyor and Injecting machine.

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