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Biscuit Production Line

Automatic biscuit production line used for automatic making biscuits. Whole line including raw material handling, dough mixing, biscuit forming, biscuit baking, biscuit cooling, biscuit sandwich, and biscuit packing, etc. Available for one kind of biscuit made by using one production line, or a variety biscuit made by using one multifunctional production line. Normally can divide into 2 kinds(according to soft dough biscuit or hard dough biscuit). Specifically divided into 13 kinds(according to finished product).


According to different biscuit types, there are some differences in production lines.

1. General soft dough biscuit production line consists of material dosing machine, horizontal dough mixer, rotary moulder, baking oven, oil sprayer, cooling biscuit machine, and packing biscuit machine; 2. General hard dough biscuit production line consists of material dosing machine, vertical dough mixer, laminator, gauge rolls, rotary cutters, separate machine, baking machine, cooling machine, and packing machine.

With the continuous development of science and technology, fully automatic, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and low lobar equipment are really suitable for manufacturers. Our biscuit production line can achieve all the above conditions, but also to achieve customized design according to the customer's factory environment. Larger biscuit makers with substantial production facilities, experience, and investment in development may lead the way to future improvements in product quality and production efficiencies. Smaller local teams may manufacture and install the ovens.


The benefits of the automatic biscuit manufacturing plant are that it increases production efficiency by saving labor. With the industrial food machinery/automatic biscuit making machinery, your production capacity and product quality will be greatly improved.

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