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As we all know, it is very tedious and complex to make common handmade wafer stick. Need to mix with the flour, egg liquid, and white sugar into a batter, add the butter to the flakes, smear the butter, and then roll into a roll shape. Making egg rolls by hand requires a lot of time and labor, and cannot work all day.Only suitable for family workshops, not for mass production.Different from mechanized production of wafer sticks.Automatic production line is adopted for mechanized production of egg rolls, which can be directly connected from mixing steps to packaging steps, saving labor costs and greatly increasing the output of wafer sticks. Fully automated production of egg rolls have smooth surface, smooth incision and the finished product length remains consistent.No pressure to product wafer stick in 24 hours. In addition, the wafer stick machine and egg roll making machine can be configured according to customer requirements to do double color egg roll or the center filled with cream. Full set of wafer stick automatic production line including:Wafer stick machine and Packing conveyor.

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