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Hello panda biscuit also called center filled biscuit production line. It is a hard dough biscuit which is hollow inside and pattern print on top. This kind of biscuit are often filled with chocolate and fruit-flavored cream in the center. Because of the lovely shape and sweet taste, it is very popular with children and young people.


The process of making hello panda by hand is very complicated and difficult to succeed. Handmade hello biscuit is difficult to bubble and low production. To mass-produce the hello panda biscuit, it must rely on an automatic biscuit production line. The hello panda biscuits we see in supermarkets today are all made by fully automated biscuit production lines. But most hello panda biscuit are made of two layers of dough sheet that are folded together and baked to swell. Such biscuit has a low success rate and will increase the waste rate of the filling step (it is easy to break and leak when injecting the cream in the center).


Our automatic biscuit production equipment can achieve one layer of bubble hollow, and effectively improve the production of hollow panda biscuits success rate, the success rate can reach 99%. Meanwhile, we can ensure the uniform heating of hello panda biscuits, uniform swelling degree and uniform color of hello panda biscuit.


Ensure customer produce high quality and delicious bear biscuits. Full set of hello panda biscuit/Center filled biscuit automatic biscuit production line including Vertical dough mixer,Dough cutting machine with conveyor, Cut sheet laminator, Gauge rolls, Rotary cutter, Separate machine, Entrance transfer machine, Hybrid gas baking oven, Peeling machine, Straight line type cooling conveyor, cream/chocolate filling machine and Vertical packing machine.

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