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Golden Bake is a leading automatic biscuit machinery manufacturer for industrial biscuit equipment and provides solutions for biscuit production line. 

Over 3500 equipment set up

Over 50 years experience in biscuit making

Over 33 countries of sale

Over 30 years experience in making biscuit production line


Providing customers with biscuit manufacturing machine and a whole automatic biscuit production line which from material dosing to packing

Biscuit production line for Hello Panda Biscuit Top quality biscuit machinery manufacturer
Hello panda biscuit production line


Automatic biscuite biscuit manufacturing machine for Soda crackera Professional biscuit manufacturing machine factory
Soda crackera making machines


Best biscuit machinery for Maire biscuit Professional biscuit machinery manufacturer since 1999
Maire biscuit production line


Best biscuit machinery for Oreo biscuit Mature biscuit machinery manufacturer for more than 23 years
Oreo biscuit production line


Dough forming machine manufacturer Biscuit machinery production line manufacturer provides solutions
Dough forming machine


Biscuit cooling conveyor after baking oven is used for normal cooling conveying Automatic biscuit manufacturing machine
Biscuit cooling conveyor


Professional biscuit production line manufacturer Biscuit manufacturing machine factory
Automation system after baking


Biscuit backing oven section is mainly used for baking the biscuit. Biscuit production line manufacturers
Biscuit baking oven





We are eager to understand the needs of our customers. Provide production line solutions for each customer based on factors such as demand, space, and market. We will fully consider the initial planning, operation and future planning of the factory for you!


Golden Bake was founded by a biscuit line engineer and a biscuit master in 1999. With a vision to be the most completely automatic biscuit production line system supplier in this field, our team has been extending to 280 employees. Now Golden Bake is the top biscuit machinery manufacturer in China.


Pursuing innovative technology is our goal;  meeting customized requirements is our mission; guaranteeing excellent after-sale service is our purpose. Providing customers with a whole automatic biscuit machinery line from material dosing to packing. With our own manufacturer STM factory and HP factory in the national A-class industrial zone,  R&D center office in the downtown of Zhuhai city, we unite the highest quality standards and innovation in the Golden Bake.


Apart from the integrated system hardware service, the services Golden Bake offers include all stages: from plant design, biscuit machinery construction, manufacture, and assembly up to the smooth commissioning phase at your site. Don’t be afraid to start a new project...




Pursuing innovative technology is our goal;  meeting customized requirements is our mission; guaranteeing excellent after-sale service is our purpose.


Our comprehensive after-sales service program is available throughout our lines’ entire life cycle.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information on the industrial biscuit machinery. We will offer you customized solutions for your demands.

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