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Biscuit factory tutor you how to make delicious food

by:Golden Bake     2020-04-09

biscuit factory tutor people don't have the oven also can make delicious food; The wood chaff cup cake only three very simple materials, is super simple, but it's very delicious. Degeneration of delicious biscuit with lighting and tender like ice cream cream, let a person after a stop feeling. I just do more at ordinary times, eat less, this time a day to eat two cups. No wonder it is a lot of private hot dessert cake.


1. Prepare materials, whipped cream, condensed milk, biscuits,

2. The cookies first broken into small pieces by hand.

3。 Stir with a stir bar will be cookie into crumbs, can use the 'point' of the biscuit machine function, stir a few times more.

4。 Animal cream with electric whisk egg beater speed, until cream into the state of the semisolid

5. Join the condensed milk to use electric egg beater low-speed mixing 3 seconds, and condensed milk and light cream together.

6。 Take out the mousse cup, with a spoon to dig some biscuit crumbs flat out at the bottom of the cup. 7. Piping bag into the large round nose pressed flower mouth, will sent the whipped cream into the piping bag, in the tent of meeting inside the cup is a circle of light cream.

8。 Spread a layer of biscuits crumbs on whipping cream again. Squeeze a circle of light cream, so a layer of biscuit, a layer of whipping cream, mousse cup can be covered. Put a layer of biscuit crumbs with a spoon for each pressure level. Will be dessert into a refrigerator for 1 hour.
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