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Biscuit machine direct introduction to the production of pollution prevention measures

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-09

maize mill equipment manufacturer to discuss measures to prevent pollution in production, with the development of The Times, more and more people like eating dessert, more and more people choose our mechanism of walnut cake for dessert, a lot of friend calls me about walnut biscuit machine related is appropriate, below I summarize for you, hope to be of help.

in pasta many factors affecting its quality in the production and processing, which is very important factor is from pollution. How to solve the problem of pollution, is to guarantee the quality of an important aspect. Specialized in food sterilization technology research and development and equipment manufacture Kang Jiu of Shanghai environmental protection technology co. , LTD. General manager Mr Zhou Lifa pasta processing machinery for food of the secondary pollution is extremely serious, prevention and control of food processing machinery is pollution is one of the important measures to protect the safety of food hygiene.

1, the factors affecting the quality of food

the quality of the food is related to the national security of body and mind, to produce high-quality food, must have three elements: ( 1) Qualified personnel; ( 2) GMP working standard software, such as reasonable process formula and process, the qualified raw and auxiliary materials, specifications and management system, etc. ; ( 3) Comply with the QS health production hardware, including qualified production environment and production conditions, conform to the requirements of the plant, equipment, etc.

2, pasta equipment for the prevention and control of pollution in the production of meaning

from the top, the production environment and production conditions, the equipment is one aspect of the influence factors of food quality. In noodles production, production environment and production conditions of pollution in general there are microbe, dust, particles, corrosion, errors and cross contamination, etc. Pasta processing machinery for the prevention and control of pollution in production contains two meanings, first not pollute food processing machinery itself, also won't produce pollution to the environment; The second should have effective means to control pollution. Thus, directly by the GMP processing machinery involved in the manufacture of pasta made several guiding rules, its fundamental point is to guarantee food quality, prevent to food may cause all sorts of pollution in the production process, and may affect the environment and the harm to human health and other factors. Therefore, pasta processing machinery design should accord with the requirement of GMP, reduce pollution factors, and to have very good prevention and control pollution. Countries, though not compulsory GMP certification requirements for food enterprises, but the pasta should be food machinery manufacturing enterprise can control or easy to pollution prevention and control of equipment.

3, pasta processing machinery design meets the requirement of GMP

pasta processing equipment in the specific conditions of GMP should learn pasta equipment product design, manufacturing, technology and performance indexes, should with GMP design general rule, in order to promote the establishment and perfection of the GMP food equipment, its concrete content is as follows:

( 1) , equipment design should accord with the requirement of food production and processing, safe, stable and reliable, easy cleaning, disinfection or sterilization, facilitate the operation and maintenance, and can prevent errors and cross contamination;

( 2) , should strictly control the equipment material selection. Direct contact with food semi-finished or finished parts should be non-toxic, non-corrosive, does not react with food, don't release particles or adsorption of food material;

( 3) , equipment in direct contact with food surface and working surface of parts, as far as possible, don't design platform, groove, and the leakage of bolt connection. Should level off, smooth surface, no dead Angle, easy to clean and disinfect;

( 4) , the equipment should be environmental pollution caused by the wrong device, in view of the pollution produced by each type of equipment is different, should take relevant dustproof, leak proof, heat insulation, noise, etc;

( 5) And the equipment used in the inflammable and explosive environment, explosion-proof electrical appliances should be adopted and eliminate static electricity and safety insurance device;

( 6) , a high protein beverage filling and packing equipment or in the corresponding clean indoor operation, partial use level 1000 laminar flow clean air and positive pressure protection.

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