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Clean biscuit machine need to be aware of problems

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-12

clean biscuit machine need to pay attention to the problem. Biscuit machine is one-time to make large quantities of cookies and other food machines, equipment is relatively complicated, there are so many details, when use should do a good job cleaning on a regular basis.

cookies machine operation unavoidably have broken slag and careless operation into the machine in the corner of the biscuit, tiny corner is not easy to find, time grew to metamorphic will pollute the fresh food, so must be regularly clean disinfection, biscuit machine is used for making food machine, after all, must pay attention to food safety. So in clean should be pay attention to these points:

1. Ready to check whether the power supply is cut off before cleaning to ensure clean personnel safety,

2. Cleaning, clean, in the corner of the attention to detail and thorough cleaning can ensure food safety,

3. Carefully clean when you take care to avoid damage to the machine, can prolong the service life of biscuit machine, ensure the safety of the machine.

the above three points, is clean biscuit machine three security requirements, namely, the personal safety, food safety, the machine safety, do a good job in detail to produce higher quality products.

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