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Dip a biscuit machine use result is what?

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-14

dip a biscuit machine use result is what? Us now for the whole market is all of us food processing machinery is a good market, and we all like what now, we have our own to buy a machine at home can also do well, so our machine is a very convenient save Labour, biscuit shaping practice:

1, powder sieving, preheat oven to 160 degrees.

2, butter, at room temperature to soften, playing to the volume of hair, then add sugar, continue to send a plume.

3, add egg mixture evenly.

4, add powder, with scraper and mix well, prevent the reinforcement.

5, baking dish brush a thin layer of oil, fill out the batter into the biscuit machine, compaction, like flowers or piping mouth, close to the baking pastry.

6, middle 160 degrees bake in oven for 10 minutes, then turn off the fire for 3 to 5 minutes.

some Fang Zili need to put the dough into the fridge ice, but make the effect is not very good, sometimes both, at the back of the not good, has been in front of the oil type or turn off. This didn't put the dough into the fridge, make very beautiful. I think the purpose of the dough into the fridge is let it harden is good shape, with I use the kitchens there are no such questions as the dough is too loose, natural can omit this step.

key in extrusion this step.

I'm roll the dough into a cylinder, directly into the biscuit machine, transferred to 2 files, cookies ( Actually has a lot) 。 The first thing to brush oil in the pan ( Butter, salad oil can be, what I use is the latter) Don't use the paper. Then stick biscuit machine tightly on the baking tray, press manual lever, the heart functions for four number ( About four seconds) During which must make cookies machine firmly fixed, ( Seconds is used to make cookies thickness is consistent, avoid when baked, the phenomenon of the color is different, is four seconds after I tried the effect better, this time can be set according to the personal like, of course) , then lift the lever up, if in place can hear a sound; Then gently lift biscuit machine ( Must be vertical lift, or crackers will be touch crooked) , beautiful cookies will be glued on the baking tray.

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