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by:Golden Bake     2020-05-15
Walnut cake machine equipment is made up by some of the parts, because these parts of special material, if you cannot do during daily use walnut cake machine equipment maintenance work is bound to affect the normal use of walnut cake machine equipment, and we are more common problem is the problem of the rust and corrosion. Next, small make up is the technical personnel of our company, please take you take a look at the related knowledge, I hope you can have the harvest!

as you know, like walnut cake machine equipment in high temperature and damp environment for a long time, if there are eggs in the manufacturing process of fluid flow and you have no clear in time, it is easy to cause equipment corrosion.

usually during the equipment use we can use the following methods to prevent the walnut cake machine don't corrosion, respectively is:

1, the equipment adopts stainless aluminum bushing. Adopt stainless steel material as a whole. Using stainless steel welding in the welding place; Walnut cake machine is a kind of heavy machinery, many places need to be welded, old-fashioned welding often appear rupture, the phenomenon such as corrosion. Welding stainless steel, the corrosion resistance of steel is very high, not easy to break.

2, external contact with flue gas with epoxy resin. Walnut biscuit machine after long time often occur corrosion phenomenon, the need for manual cleaning. And after using passivation, phosphating, egg yolk pie machine even in the humid environment is not easy to rust.

with electrostatic powder spraying method; Is a new type of grinding paint besmear is in walnut cake machine cylinder method. Not only can anticorrosive, can also increase the luster of the molding machine barrel.

3, walnut biscuit machine equipment to do a good job of insulation. Equipment of flue gas temperature, humidity range is big, sometimes can make the equipment working under dew point, easy to condensation. At the same time, the smoke contains easy corrosion gas, when humidity is a shit condenses on the metal components, corrosion effect. And negative pressure air leakage of the runtime system, continuous production equipment, more accelerated corrosion of metal components, and equipment anticorrosion structure design is essential. This can not only play the role of good anticorrosion, and increase the efficiency of automatic egg yolk cake machine equipment operation.

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