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How many pneumatic conveying are produced by Golden Bake Biscuit Production Line per month?
In general, it is the stable monthly output of pneumatic conveying in Golden Bake Group. However, it may vary depending on the season (peak or off season). Monthly yields may vary when there are different sizes or colors. Our production is flexible. It can be adjusted when there is an urgent order.

Engaging in the industry of biscuit production line, Golden Bake Biscuit Production Line is a remarkable enterprise. Golden Bake Biscuit Production Line's biscuit manufacturing equipment series are created based on unremitting efforts. Golden Bake biscuit production line is manufactured in a short time. Each step in its manufacturing is generally performed by a separate footwear making machine. This product is able to provide satisfying biscuit shapes. The product is suitable for a wide range of applications. Extreme temperature variations will not change the property of this product.

We are guided by our sustainable development goals. We will develop and manufacture our products in a way that ensures they are safe, environmentally friendly and economical.
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