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How to make the walnut cake machine lifespan

by:Golden Bake     2020-04-05
Believe a lot of people like to eat peach shortcake, but do you know how to make walnut cake is it? Many people would say with walnut cake machine, so you know how to make the walnut cake machine for longer life, if you want to understand quickly and small make up together and see it!

1, after work, walnut cake machine equipment no-load test run, after confirm the equipment without exception, began to formal work.

2 can't be too hard, rolling the dough ( Such as frozen dough) Thin, disposable pressure not too big, otherwise will affect the equipment working stability and service life. The thickness of the dough during more than 10 mm, adjustable pressure thin 5 mm or so every time, in 5 ~ 10 mm, diminishing every time about 2 mm, in less than 5 mm, decrease 1 mm or so every time.

3, transmission platform should not be weight bearing.

4, walnut cake machine running in 40 hours after operation, please make the belt, chain tension to the appropriate position again, in order to avoid transmission slip, take off the chain;

5, the walnut biscuit machine running after 80 hours, please wait for sprocket, chain drive components, screw, nut and other fastener retightened, so as not to damage parts.

6, keep the walnut cake machine clean complete, transmission parts such as bearings, belts, chains cannot with flour, dust and other foreign matter, so as not to burn out or accelerated parts bearing wear.

7, daily before coming off work, please clean the walnut cake machine with clean cloth clean, but shall not use the hose.

8, found abnormal sound should immediately stop the walnut cake machine, please maintenance personnel maintenance.

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