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How to properly clean biscuit machine

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-20
Biscuit machine is used for production and processing of biscuits, as a kind of food processing machine, the requirement of sanitation is very high, there are a lot of new users may be washing time and washing methods for biscuit machine problems such as there is some doubt, today the factory will take you to learn about the biscuit machine cleaning what to do!

cookies confidential regularly remove strainer to clean. But here it is important to note that the machine's fuselage cool completely, is the cleaning time. Stay back flush, rinse clean the impurities on the biscuit machine mesh. Gently scrub with the brush screen when necessary. When cleaning should pay attention to debris removal, to do a good job of collecting material, after the operation site must be clean. Biscuit machine mesh back in time after you scrub clean inside the machine, and pay attention to position put right. If the biscuit machine mixing blades are difficult to clean, wash a few times more, avoid by all means do not use wear and tear 'cleaner and hard wool fabric, avoid damaging non-stick layer, affect the next time stirring and cleaning effect.

cookies are all like to eat food, but if substandard manufacturers health conditions, the department of health will not allow its existence, which requires the food manufacturers have higher request for own enterprise processing environment, take the biscuit machine, the manufacturer told the washing time and washing methods about it, hoping to help the masses of users!
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