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In biscuit machines need to be aware of when using several points

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-10

corn rolled piece of equipment which is good to talk about after buying biscuit machine need to be aware of what are a few questions?

peanut residue cookie vendors would remind use cookies machine need to be aware of the problem. We see a lot of biscuit machinery users when use is ignored a lot of detail problems, what seems to be not serious problem, actually otherwise, detail decides success or failure, these small problems will lead to the quality of biscuit. If we in the home use small cookie mechanism for biscuits, must grasp the operation process, and points for attention. Biscuit machine usage: put the dough to join biscuit machine, installed, the pressure on the baking tray, a hard squeeze, then pick up and shake twice, figure came down. You also need to pay attention to the following contents: first, must press a pan or other hard objects, otherwise it is silk of dough, not into a pattern; Second should notice the dry humidity of the dough, if the dough to compare dry, otherwise came too big, can not shake off; Note also shake when another hand to catch in time, or you fall to the ground wasted. Only mastering these and so have the possibility to produce delicious, delicious cookies at home.

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