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Introduction to use walnut cake machine operation matters needing attention for the first time

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-13

what are the precautions for introduction to first use of walnut cake machine operation? Biscuit factory, the following simple to tell you the correct treatment of walnut cake machine used for the first time to learn about the problems of the walnut cake machine, can also provide an understanding of the equipment operation method and way, avoid is not familiar with the equipment during the first use of some problems in the use of walnut cake machine performance:

1, detailed reading instruction, in the process of operation for the first time in walnut biscuit machine is installed or technical personnel on-site guidance.

2, observe the running situation, pay attention to listen to the voice of the running, and comply with the operation of the chain idling, stable operation.

3, walnut biscuit machine lubrication is very important one aspect, the first action phase detection and observe whether there is insufficient lubrication in the process of machine running conditions.

4, after connect the power switch on the system test, the rise and fall repeatedly, eliminate the air in the system.

5, for walnut cake machine speed test, adjustment. Understanding can offer the speed of the size.

6, filling volume is an important part of the walnut biscuit machine, need accurate determination of the filling quantity is accurate, otherwise it will affect the calculation of quantity of microwave drying machine.

7, for the first time after the operation is completed, according to the understanding to the situation of the walnut cake machine, speed of concrete, such as filling amount of appropriate adjustment of production.

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