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Manufacturer to introduce some biscuit machine oven equipment maintenance knowledge

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-22

manufacturer to introduce some biscuit machine oven equipment maintenance knowledge, in a biscuit machine, the oven is an important link in determining the quality of biscuit; So to do a good job of maintenance of the oven gas baking furnace, have certain help, is not only the quality of biscuit and to prolong the service life of biscuit machine also to have certain benefits. The oven on maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance and maintenance, then we have to know about the maintenance method. Clean the surface and inner cavity dust, keep the oven equipment clean and health. Check whether ammeter current with normal, if there are any strange, notify maintenance overhaul. Sudden power failure, the heating switch is closed, stop automatically start when calling. Check the fan operation is normal, do you have any abnormal sound, immediately shut off the machine and inform the maintenance overhaul. Check the vents are blocked, and clean up the dust. Fan operation is normal. Mechanic check whether the current is normal. Check whether the thermostat is accurate, such as inaccurate, please adjust the thermostat sensor static compensation or revised. Check the heating tube is damaged, the line is aging. Check the oven equipment delay timer is accurate, error is allowed.

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