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The 132nd Canton Fair, See You on the “Trade bridge”

The 132nd Canton Fair, See You on the “Trade bridge”


This 132nd Canton Fair, with the theme of "China Unicom's Domestic and International Dual Circulation", will open online on October 15th. Golden Bake will participate in the Canton Fair again as usual. We have uploaded exhibits such as silo systems, mixers, biscuit forming systems, baking ovens, cooling and handling system, packing machines, and secondary processing machines to our Canton Fair page this time. This year's Canton Fair has organized over 35,000 domestic and foreign companies to participate in the fair, an increase of more than 9,600 over the 131st session.

Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced that this year's Canton Fair has innovatively carried out the work of organizing exhibitions. Exhibition halls, exhibitor online display, news and activities, conference services and other columns. The export exhibition will set up 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, and the 6 categories of themed commodities in the import exhibition will be included in the corresponding exhibition areas. Continue to set up the "Rural Revitalization" particular area, and carry out synchronous activities in conjunction with the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area and some cross-border e-commerce platforms.

According to reports, starting from this Canton Fair, the service time of each Canton Fair’s online platform has been extended from 10 days to 5 months. Except for the exhibitor connection and appointment negotiation function, which can be used for 10 days, other functions will remain open. It can be said, is to give full play to the online advantage!

In the meanwhile, there are more than 70 series of global trade promotion events and the "Discover Canton Fair with Bee and Honey" event will be held. The "Discover Canton Fair with Bee and Honey", featuring 8-10 product categories, livestreamed in the Fair's social media, will bring buyers with virtual tours of multi-dimensioned product displays, factory visits, explanations of manufacturing techniques, etc,. Over 40 "Trade Bridge" Global Trade Promotion events aim to bridge large-scale multinational sourcing firms with Chinese suppliers of different industries, covering Canton Fair's key markets such as Belt and Road countries, RCEP members and top buyer source countries. These supporting activities will showcase the progress China has made in the upgrading and transformation of foreign trade, and improve the productiveness of trade matchmaking for suppliers and buyers alike. Let us look forward to more exciting events in this Canton Fair!

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