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The biscuit machine is introduced and its characteristics

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-08

both adults and children are particularly fond of eating cookies, and now all kinds of biscuits, and the taste is unique. It would need to use our cookies machine equipment, if you still not understand, can to learn.

a, biscuit machine product introduction

biscuit production line is manufactured through technical innovation design. The biscuit production equipment from incoming to embryo, drying, conveying and injection, cooling, waste recycling, etc, all process integrates mechanical and electrical completion, it can produce all kinds of trendy designs biscuits on the market at home and abroad. And is especially suitable for baking cakes, moon cake, bread, walnut cake and other food.

food machinery professional manufacturers, the development and production, make the river pig oviduct powder, rice flour and rice flour machinery liangpi noodles, steamed buns, processing of soybean milk tofu and bean curd stick bean products equipment, big small and medium-sized oil machine, beating meatballs and meatballs molding machinery and bud seedling sprouts cultivation equipment such as food processing machines.

2, biscuit machine performance characteristics

1, with automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, automatic transmission, automatic fuel injection, automatic cooling, etc.

2, biscuits thickness can be adjusted according to need, stepless speed regulation, mechanical transportation, either with the leakage power and alarm, etc.

3, through the dual head, can produce hard biscuit, and can produce crisp biscuit.

that's cookies machine is introduced and the characteristics of it, everyone in eating cookies at the same time also understand its production process, now now industry under a lot of business opportunities
automatic biscuit production line biscuit production line is liked by everyone and is used in every household.
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