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What is the right operation method of biscuit machine?

by:Golden Bake     2020-04-03
Mechanism of cookies to make cookies and handmade there is no big difference, then biscuit machine is how to operate? The following will give you explain how to operate about biscuit machine.

cookies machine, from feed to molding, drying, conveying and injection, cooling, waste, recycling and all mechanical and electrical integration done automatically, can produce all kinds of trendy colors cookies. Vice machine part of the device, with automatic constant temperature, automatic baking, transmission, automatic spray oil, cooling, and other functions, is especially suitable for baking cakes, moon cakes, bread, walnut cake, such as food, delicate shape, the baked food color, smell and taste, easy to transform a variety. With high yield, energy saving, rational structure, simple operation and high degree of automation, advanced technology, etc.

the company according to a piece of steamed buns, production process, combination of Inner Mongolia buns manufacturers, developed a new piece of equipment of steamed buns, Baking line) 。 Produce a piece of steamed buns, crispy golden in color, unique flavor, fuel injection, and the material evenly, thickness of plastid size neat, improve the yield and grade of the piece of steamed buns.
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