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Exploring the Different Types of Biscuit Production Line

by:Golden Bake     2023-10-24

Exploring the Different Types of Biscuit Production Line


In the ever-evolving world of food production, the biscuit industry has experienced significant advancements in terms of automation and production techniques. Biscuits, popular as delightful snacks worldwide, are produced through specific production lines that ensure efficiency and consistency. This article aims to delve into the various types of biscuit production lines, highlighting their features and benefits, to provide an insight into the technology behind these sweet treats.

1. Conventional Biscuit Production Line:

The conventional biscuit production line is the most basic and widely used system. It involves several stages, starting from mixing the dough ingredients to the final packaging of the baked biscuits. The process typically includes dough mixing, molding, baking, cooling, and packaging. This traditional approach allows for a range of biscuit varieties, shapes, and sizes. However, it requires significant human intervention at every stage, making it labor-intensive and less efficient compared to modern alternatives.

2. Automated Biscuit Production Line:

As the demand for biscuits increased over time, the need for higher production capacity led to the development of automated biscuit production lines. These lines incorporate advanced machinery and computerized systems to carry out various tasks, significantly reducing human intervention. Automated lines often feature advanced dough mixing equipment, which ensures precise ingredient proportions and efficient mixing. Additionally, they employ high-speed biscuit molding machines capable of producing consistent shapes and patterns with minimal errors.

3. Rotary Molder Biscuit Production Line:

Rotary molder biscuit production lines utilize a specially designed rotary molder machine to handle the shaping process. These lines are particularly suitable for biscuits that require complex designs or intricate patterns. Instead of the conventional stamping method, the rotary molder machine molds the dough into desired shapes using patterned molds, offering greater design flexibility. Additionally, this production line guarantees uniformity and consistency across each biscuit, minimizing product defects.

4. Wire-Cut Biscuit Production Line:

Wire-cut biscuit production lines are designed to produce biscuits with a soft texture or those that incorporate various inclusions like chocolate chips or nuts. The line comprises a dough extruder which forces the dough through a thin wire-cutting machine, generating individual biscuits of consistent size and shape. The process allows for customization by adjusting the speed of the wire-cutting machine and changing the nozzle size for different types of biscuits. Wire-cut biscuits are renowned for their distinctive appearance and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

5. Depositor Biscuit Production Line:

Depositor biscuit production lines excel at creating biscuits with intricate fillings or flavored centers. These lines employ a depositor machine that accurately deposits the desired filling into the biscuit dough during the molding stage. The depositor is programmed to release measured amounts of filling, ensuring consistency across each biscuit. Whether it's jam, cream, or even chocolate, depositor lines guarantee even distribution and enable mass production, saving time and labor.


With the ever-increasing demand for biscuits worldwide, the biscuit production industry continuously seeks innovative solutions to enhance efficiencies and meet consumer expectations. From conventional lines to automated systems, and from rotary molders to wire-cut and depositor lines, each production line offers distinct advantages. While conventional lines cater to versatility, automated lines maximize efficiency. Rotary molders provide intricate designs, wire-cut machines offer soft-textured biscuits, and depositors allow for diverse fillings. Regardless of the type, biscuit production lines play a vital role in delivering those crispy, delectable treats to consumers' hands.

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