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Automatic puff pastry machine production process

by:Golden Bake     2020-04-08

we all want to delicious cakes but what can you do to make delicious biscuits? Biscuit factory next home about automatic puff pastry machine production process: automatic pastry machine, pastry production process, making pastry process using fully automatic mechanism for pastry's operation process is how, how to make cakes taste delicious, we teach you method: A: will stir until the sugar melts together sugar, oil, add flour, mixing into A smooth dough can be put to 10 - 15 minutes. B: in the cake flour, oil mix together, with sticky hands. A: crisp cake mechanism for process will face roll thin into square adding oil, roll thin or twenty percent, thirty percent, forty percent, after roll thin strip form or use the knife cut into strip, reoccupy pastry machine molding.

2: pastry machine debugging process 1, plug in the power cord, open the main switch test run 2, if the machine works with a dead dough debugging machine processes the digital Settings

3: machine commissioning procedures below

1, 2 period of pressure adjustment period, thick, thin, the width of roller, roller speed and the probe sensitivity

2, adjust the speed of conveyor belt, with two stage pressure surface, such as too fast, make the face skin will pull section, such as slow can make face piled up, can't operate

3, adjust the question paper wheel speed, well with the speed of conveyor belt, question paper round too fast beat face and took, wheel speed is too slow to make noodles column volume false or not

4, adjust the speed of the machine and the speed of conveyor belt, such as fast cake embryo small, such as slow cake embryo, with weigh good cake embryo weight

5, adjust the speed of the machine, to achieve the weight of the bread, now open the filling machine, adjust the size of the filling mouth, according to customer's request to filling column with good face skin roll into crisp cake surface, forming again dozen cookies

6, need to adjust the size of the pastry and filling ratio, because from the pressure surface began to adjust its fast and slow, the conveyor belt of fast and slow, the speed of the filling machine, machine the knot of the fast and slow, again to determine the size of the pastry. Most complete machinery manufacturers.
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