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Cookies vendors would discuss about cookies machine salt water absorption is bad

by:Golden Bake     2020-04-06

cookies vendors would discuss cookie machine brine absorb bad reason have? Cookie machine is a kind of advanced food processing equipment, the use of it has pervaded each big food processing sector. Cookie machine of high efficiency, advanced production technology, but also accompanied by some problems, the following is something about cookie machine brine absorb bad reason have?

1, tumbling, time is too short, can continue to roll kneading 15 ~ 30 min.

2, cookies blunt needle hair, affecting the effects of injection, we needle should be replaced immediately.

3, cookies machine temperature is too high, not only prevents the protein dissolution, the ability to make meat combined water, provides conditions for the microbes to grow a lot of, can lead to product storage can be decreased.

4, unused meat tenderizer meat tenderizer. To yield, low product can need not meat tenderizer, and yield, high product need meat tenderizer.

when cookie machine roll kneading effect is not ideal, to timely find out why and to repair immediately, do not delay the normal operation of the machine.
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