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Describe daily cleaning biscuits machines need to be aware of some problems

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-21
Describe daily cleaning biscuits machines need to be aware of some problems. Biscuit machine is one of indispensable equipment in some biscuit manufacturer home, to say the biscuit machine function is bigger, can make all kinds of styles of biscuits, of course, the usual cleaning work is also very important, today small make up to you to do a simple introduction.

1, preparation, clean before check whether the cookies mechanical and electrical source is cut off to ensure clean personnel safety,

2, attention to detail and corner when cleaning, thorough cleaning can ensure food safety,

3, cleaning, be careful to avoid damage to the machine, can prolong the service life of biscuit machine, ensure the safety of the machine.

I hope we can be serious about, biscuit machine equipment is relatively complicated, there are so many details, when use should do a good job cleaning on a regular basis. In a timely manner to biscuit machine clean and help to extend the service life of it, in the hope that we can do not forget to clean at ordinary times when biscuit machine.

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