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How to avoid wear dip a cookie machine use

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-16
Cookie machine use how to avoid wear and tear. Cookie machine is a kind of large instrument equipment making cookies, which are widely used in food processing industry, and clean function good, was deeply loved by people, but if do not pay attention to maintenance will wear in the process of using, the following is something about cookie machine use how to avoid wear and tear.

is different from other food processing machinery and equipment, the use of cookies machine range is wide, but is able to correct and in good operation and does not see more, to use the machine equipment in some occasions they are in a period of time after serious wear and tear would happen.

want to understand the method to avoid wear and tear, will know the reason why they are worn. Learned, worn condition, mainly because of the material, which is with particulate matter in various food raw materials, hard objects, such as gravel, sand, etc. , these ingredients combined in food are fed into the machine for enterprise dicing, inevitable blade, cutting tool wear or other parts.

so, we want to avoid the cookie machine wear condition, the more direct approach is the need for dicing food inspection, to ensure that no hard content, impurity content. Of course, for the wear of cutting tool, the knife plate parts, such as to change in time, to ensure the effectiveness of the dicing homework again.

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