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Introduction to biscuit machine mesh belt selection considerations

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-07

shandong corn mill equipment, bun and piece of equipment, biscuits vendors would simply to talk about biscuit machine mesh belt choice notice:

cookies machine mesh belt choose what should be paid attention to. Mesh belt to be very careful in biscuit machine, or cause problems of food safety and hygiene. Even some enterprises caused by the biscuit machine mesh belt improper selection of food, heavy metal exceeds bid finally lead to bankruptcy. To introduce below small make up what should be paid attention to when choose the biscuit machine mesh belt:

in general biscuit machine mesh belt raw materials - — Contains some heavy metal iron, after all, showed no purity of 100% thing in the world! Heavy metals are toxic, however, some even trace amounts of heavy metals also has a fatal harm to human body. Food hygiene industry, therefore, in the selection of biscuit machine mesh belt will pay special attention to, when used to the food hygiene of biscuit machine mesh belt requires special handling, or its use of the raw materials of the impurity content of steel to within a certain range, otherwise it will have certain security hidden danger.

cookies machine mesh belt can be divided into general mesh belt and stainless steel mesh belt, and the average fruit and vegetable washing machine mesh belt is made of iron, and the most essential difference between iron and steel is steel containing a certain amount of C, increase its strength. Actually, stainless steel mesh belt can be used in the food industry, the key problem is that it USES raw materials - — Heavy metal exceeds bid is in the steel, if you don't exceed bid could be used to the food industry, otherwise can not be used in food industry, if used, there will be a great safety hidden trouble.

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