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Introduction to walnut cake machine equipment for hardware requirements

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-15
Walnut biscuit machine equipment requirements for hardware, walnut cake machine is used for production of walnut cake cake machinery and equipment, with the progress of science and technology, walnut cake cake equipment towards automation, standardization direction. Want to make out most distinctive walnut cake of bread, in addition to high to the requirement of process, hardware should also increase requirements for equipment.

technique and equipment of the double condition is the main produce characteristic walnut cake of bread. Skill is the necessary technical level walnut cake of bread, after training can grasp. But the equipment choice will spend some effort. Walnut cake machine we will known collectively as walnut cake machine, food machine affect the quality of the production quality and safety of food industry, so you should be careful in choosing a food machinery.

1。 Walnut cake machine equipped with appropriate shoulds not be small, because most of the time when the harvest season in the rainy season, only need to play a role of drying mechanism. Drying machine productivity for big quantity will not solve the problem. National and local reserve inventory should be large and medium-sized dryers, food concentration in the region.

2。 Solid equipment service radius should be small not big, in order to reduce the transportation distance, reduce costs, improve efficiency.

3。 Equipment can be used for grain production country inhabited areas and small southern breadbasket, productivity is commonly 2 ~ 5 tons per hour. Best multi-usage, not only suitable for food crops, also applies to some economic crops. The service radius of thrown some to play the role of mobile dryer.

4。 Configuration dryers, first make sure that the productivity of the dryer and precipitation of the two important indicators, and according to the actual situation of local scientific reasoning. Such as drying for 15 days in 3000 tons of wheat, the wheat moisture content of 22% to 14% of safe water. If the dryer work 29 hours a day, should choose medium dryer capacity of 10 tons per hour. If calculated by drop 5% water in an hour, the drying capacity of 16 tons per hour. But if the moisture content of 3000 tons for 26% of the corn, the environment temperature for - on average 5 ℃, corn can deposit 15 days or so. According to the work 20 hours a day, 30 days to finish drying, fell to 14% of safe water, can choose small dryer capacity of 5 tons per hour. Equivalent to a 5% reduction in moisture, drying capacity is 12 tons per hour.
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