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Machine of steamed buns in use should pay attention to clean and maintenance

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-09

the machine of steamed buns in use must pay attention to the cleaning maintenance; Machine of steamed buns in use after a period of time, to check whether all parts of the screw loose, if found to have loose, tighten screw, screw if appear the phenomena of silk, now in the new screw, in case of equipment in the later in the process of using the other small problems, affect production. Machine in case of abnormal phenomena of steamed buns, or machine abnormal sound, must stop check, in case there are bigger and more serious problem.

bun machine before use should be carried out on the machine lubrication, every day to a few drops on gear oil, gear change once every six months in the gear oil, a small amount to prevent gear oil leakage from bearing area into the dough. Small bun and machine maintenance, remove the bearing need gasoline cleaning, and then coated with butter before installation.

bun and mechanical and electrical machine don't load too high, don't let the noise of flour on the motor shell, don't missing oil gear box, each gear frequently. Finish the picking clean can.

the machine of steamed buns, clean health: normal machine operation, pay attention to the equipment to be removed, to every corner of the mechanical residue in qing dynasty, in order to avoid long time after the residue in mechanical, causing wear and decay, and thus influence the health standard of the products to drop, a serious threat to people's health and the life of the machine.

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