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Manufacturers introduce the biscuit machinery development in our country faces several problems

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-23

the biscuit machinery development in our country faces some prominent questions, relative to the food processing industry, biscuit machine is a new industry, the industry gas baking furnace because since birth to constitute an industry with only 20 years, and thus its development thought and other food industry is relatively backward, and in a level, it also for other food machinery processing industry. Then we will to specific look at at present, China's biscuit machinery of several prominent problems in the process of development.

it is on the consumption efficiency request is higher, the better. So can reduce the capital of the products, meet the delivery date. High-speed cookies before mechanical request and be related to cohesion, do not need to transport links, including control of cohesion, the entire consumer line according to consumption and arrange to do reverse order to start the mechanical process, and sizable downtime.

second, may change to keep up with the update products. Biscuit machinery will have high flexibility and agility, consumption line allows mechanical size changes within the scope of a certain size. Because the product life cycle is far shorter than the equipment using life, depend on products and machinery not change expensive consumer line.

three is a common problem hurtling equipment cleaning. Treatment plans in advance into the computer, when the equipment present common problems to self diagnosis, can implement the remote diagnosis and eliminate problems.

4 it is to minimize the biscuit machinery pollution to the environment. Reduce including noise and dust pollution, and waste reduction as far as possible, it is particularly important in the process of food processing.

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