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More clean cleaning biscuits machine can do?

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-17
More clean cleaning biscuits machine can do? Biscuit machine is now indispensable to make biscuits a machine, nor is he shall not, of course, but by comparison, or use cookies machine to taste better. Use after cleaning is needed, the small make up for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

1, if you want to clean home cookies machine, so please pull the plug, and etc. Its cool completely before cleaning.

2, grill, pan clean, must use neutral detergent.

3, to avoid the use of hard, sharp and corrosive cleaning items, pan non-stick coating is very fragile.

4, clean inside the oven, need to be done with a soft wet cloth to wipe.

5, touch some cleaner with a soft cloth to clean the stain on the surface of the biscuit machine.

6, cleaning, be careful not to drop into the oven, so as not to cause the internal component damage or leakage of dangerous, don't the biscuit machine into the water to clean.

after watching the above know biscuit machine is not so difficult to clean, as long as pay attention to some details, or a very safe and convenient.
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