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Summer how to clean up the cookie machine manufacturer

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-21

manufacturer to teach you how to clean up the cookies machine, summer burning hot summer is coming again, now the summer is very hot and humid, if equipment is not clean is very easy to breed bacteria, need to clean the same for biscuit machine, specific how should we clean, manufacturers will tell you how to maintain the purity of the biscuit machine.

biscuit production line to be punctual to filter out clean. But there needs in mind, the machine's fuselage cool completely, is the best time to clean. To reverse flushing, biscuit machine washing clean the impurity on the filter. Gently flush with the brush screen when necessary. Cleaning time to pay more attention to sundry eliminate, to do a good job of collecting material, after the operation field necessary to sweep clean. Biscuit machine mesh back in time after you wash clean inside the machine, and heed directions accurately. If cookies machine mixing blades are difficult to clean, clean a few times more, avoid by all means do not use wear and tear 'cleaners and hard wool fabric is clean, prevent damage, non-stick layer affect next time stirring and cleaning effect

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