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Teach everybody cyclone furnace tips how to avoid rusting

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-18

teach everyone cyclone furnace tips how to avoid rusting. Cyclone furnace is some indispensable instrument equipment, food processing industry and its work efficiency is high, powerful, can reduce the time cost of investment, but the cyclone furnace is a kind of metal equipment, the following is about how to avoid rusting cyclone furnace.

due to the cyclone furnace often contact some fruits and vegetables, such as material, hence after cleaning operations, blade, some residual impurities on the platform. If we are not in a timely manner to clean them, rusting will appear. Another case, it is stain of contact, the moisture of the contact, can also lead to rust.

since clear them rusting reasons, so, at the time of maintenance and cleaning, you must put mesa and pollutants on the blade, to get rid of residual stains. And at the time of deposit them, well they are placed in a clean, dry environment, so, can avoid the moisture and moisture to rust phenomenon.

if we want to avoid the rusting in the cyclone furnace, in cleaning and maintaining them, just pay more attention to the above prompt content. Of course, if time allows, to check them regularly, maintenance, it will extend the service life of them.

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