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The Biscuit Packing Machine used in biscuit manufacturing most

The Biscuit Packing Machine used in biscuit manufacturing most


Biscuits are one kind of daily snack with tea nowadays. For storage and transfer, biscuits are usually packed in different types of packages. No matter what type of package, there will be three key points during the packing process of most bakery products :

1. It must play a protective role between the product and the external environment, to avoid the product being broken physically from different directions.

2. The organoleptic properties of the biscuit should be retained, which means it must be able to avoid people contact.

3. As the first impression of the product, it should be attractive and catch the eyes of customers.

To gain considerable sales, the biscuit package must also ensure a convenient and practical user experience besides the 3 key points mentioned above. To achieve these varied conditions, it’s obvious we should rely on a packing machine.

Packaging machines are common in high-speed biscuit manufacturing. How to choose the packaging machine most depends on your needs. The packing machine which meets your needs completely is the best type for you. Roughly, Packing machines can be divided into vertical packing machines and horizontal packing machines. Vertical or horizontal depends on the shape of the biscuit and the hardness of the biscuit. In general, a vertical packing machine is suitable for small/mini shaped hard biscuits(lighter and not so fragile). While horizontal packaging machine is ideal for most biscuits in biscuit manufacturing. This time we are going to talk about horizontal packing machines for biscuits.

Horizontal packing machines are horizontal, conveyor-operated, compact and widely used packing machines. When they are operating, biscuits are loaded into the feed chain by a loading conveyor. Then biscuits are arranged into several piles you set, which are wrapped in packing material. Sealing and cutting continuously by the double sealing jaw of the packing machine, beautifully packaged biscuits come out one by one. The pack comes out has a classic pillow shape with 3 seals(2 horizontal ones and 1 longitudinal one). It's the classic package type used for biscuits, wafer biscuits, energy bars, moon cakes and bread, etc.

This is brief information about the biscuit horizontal packing machine. If you have any questions or want further information about it, please feel free to contact us! And if you find this interesting, please follow our Facebook  GOLDEN BAKE | Facebook , we will update more articles about bakery food manufacturing. 

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