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The correct use of will reduce unnecessary waste

by:Golden Bake     2020-05-17

cookies machine used correctly to avoid waste of resources, biscuit machine usage: put the dough to join biscuit machine, installed after the pressure on the baking tray, a hard squeeze, then pick up and shake twice, figure came down. Household biscuit machine size and specially processed biscuit factory or there is a difference.

cookies machine in the cold on a baking tray could easily out of shape. Hot pan, or cushion the tinfoil, oiled paper was pressure not to come out, it must be cold griddle. In baking look a little better, in addition to good grasp of the proper use of biscuit machine release notice, can add a certain amount of milk powder in the biscuit, in order to surface looks slightly deep color, look better, before baking will apply a thin layer of the egg liquid.

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