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The Phase-One 133rd Canton Fair Ends Successfully- Golden Bake

The Phase-One 133rd Canton Fair Ends Successfully- Golden Bake


The 133rd Canton Fair concluded its first phase on April 19, with over 1.261 million visitors attending. During the five days of the phase-one Canton Fair, multiple records have been broken: the exhibition area has increased from 400,000 square meters to 500,000 square meters, has attracted 12,911 exhibitors with 3856 new exhibitors of these, and has attracted buyers from over 200 countries and regions.

Many buyers have come to the Canton Fair after traveling thousands of miles and overcoming the inconvenience of flights and other inconveniences. The purpose is to sign orders, visit old friends and meet new customers. Enterprises generally believe that although the participation of overseas buyers is still recovering, participating buyers have a strong willingness to make deals. Merchants from all over the world gather at the Canton Fair to build a trade bridge connecting China and foreign countries. At the Canton Fair, there are a wide variety of products that you can't think of, and there is nothing you can't see. Manufacturers show their ability to display their innovative products, and buyers from all over the world use the platform of the Canton Fair to observe and experience products closely.


With the trend of customization and individualization in the market demand, the functions and transaction modes of the exhibition are also expanding continuously, and the spillover effect is stronger. The transaction modes of on-site viewing of samples, field inspection of factories, and adjustment of product design schemes before placing orders are gradually increasing. Golden Bake also met many new customers at the Canton Fair and returned to the overseas offline market. We also met many new customers at the Canton Fair and returned to overseas offline markets. In addition, some customers also took this opportunity to come from thousands of miles to meet, negotiate and visit the factory. Some customers even signed contracts on the spot in view of our high-quality machines, professionalism and excellent service. The Canton Fair gave us a booster and gave us confidence in our foreign trade business this year. We expect more friends to visit China, and welcome everyone to visit our factory and our equipment. We welcome you anytime!

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