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Golden Bake will bring new products to the 133rd Canton Fair, the largest in history

Golden Bake will bring new products to the 133rd Canton Fair, the largest in history


The 133rd Canton Fair will open on April 15th. After three years, as China has optimized and adjusted the COVID-19 prevention measures, the offline exhibition will be fully resumed, and the fourth phase of the exhibition hall will be opened for the first time. The 133rd Canton Fair will leverage its newly built venue--Area D for the first time, the area will be expanded from 1.18 million square meters in the past to 1.5 million square meters. At present, more than 40,000 companies have applied for booths, and the number of offline exhibition booths is expected to increase from the original 60,000 to nearly 70,000. It is estimated that in 2023, the Canton Fair Complex will hold more than 110 exhibitions, with an area of 7.5 million square meters and 12 million visitors. At the same time, the online platform is regularly operated throughout the year.


The first phase of the 133rd Canton Fair focuses on industrial themes, including 20 exhibition areas in eight categories including electronics and home appliances, machinery, building materials, and hardware tools; the second phase focuses on daily consumer goods and gift decorations, including three exhibition areas. There are 18 exhibition areas in different categories; the third phase mainly focuses on textile and clothing, food, and medical insurance, including 16 exhibition areas in five categories.

Among the exhibitors of this Canton Fair, manufacturing enterprises and private enterprises are the largest exhibitors, accounting for 50.57% and 90.1% respectively. The number of high-quality characteristic enterprises hit a record high. There are a total of about 5,700 leading enterprises in the industry and high-quality enterprises with titles such as "little giants" specializing in specialization, manufacturing individual champions, national high-tech enterprises, and national enterprise technology centers. The quality of exhibits has been further improved. Enterprises have uploaded more than 3 million exhibits online, including nearly 800,000 new products and nearly 500,000 green and low-carbon products.

As the largest Canton Fair in history, enterprises use the Canton Fair to open up new markets and carry out in-depth communication and exchanges with new and old customers. Golden Bake will exhibit high-tech products at this Canton Fair: a multifunctional cookie machine and a weighing bin of flour silo system.

As a leading bakery group that has participated in 28 consecutive sessions, Golden Bake will bring new products and technologies to this grand event. Founded in 1999, Golden Bake has been focusing on the field of baking equipment. The main products of the group have expanded from the original biscuit production line equipment to the upstream and downstream of the biscuit production line. STM high-tech factories have been established to produce raw material silo system equipment, which has obtained national patents and high-tech certification.

Now we have main products: material silo system, dough forming unit, biscuit forming machines, cooling and handling system, biscuit secondary processing machine, packing machine, secondary packing machine, cream puff production line, wafer stick production line…… The exhibition time is from April 15th to April 19th. Our exhibition this time is located in the new exhibition area D area, Hall 19.1 M03.

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