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Let’s Start Biscuit Manufacturing Step by Step

Let’s Start Biscuit Manufacturing Step by Step


Biscuit making could undoubtedly be a profitable business and it can also be started as a small business. In this business, it is possible that any entrepreneur can start with a very small amount of capital. To start a biscuit-making project, we are going to discuss the profile of machinery, the production process and raw materials. Generally speaking, biscuit-making belongs to the traditional bakery industry.

Analyze the Biscuit Market

Investigate the biscuit market and make strategic plans for biscuit production, such as how to sell, what kind of packaging, and product pricing, etc.

Determine the biscuits to be produced

After investigating your local biscuit market, determine your biscuit: what type of biscuit, shape, taste and flavor.

Prepare for Biscuit Project

To get the financial analysis and cost-profit calculations about budget, location of the factory, how big the factory need, etc. However, if you do not have a technical idea of machines, production processes, and raw materials, you better turn to an industry expert.

License & Registration

To start biscuit making, you must first register your business. You can only apply for the required authorizations and licenses after registering.

Procure the Biscuit Machinery

Here, you can find a list of basic machinery that you need for biscuit-making business.

Raw Materials

In commercial biscuit production, you need to arrange the periodic supply of raw materials such as flour, sugar, yeast, salt, oil and so on.

Start Biscuit Production Line

To achieve the production of the biscuits you want to produce, you need a biscuit recipe, which is very important. Different biscuits have different properties, so the mixing of raw materials, dough, roll cutting and baking time will have different requirements.

Golden Bake provides the service “Biscuit Recipe Master” for you, to help you start your production line running.


The Process of Biscuit Manufacturing

Mixing the raw materials and ingredients


(The dough fermentation)

Roll cutting

Baking the raw biscuit



Golden Bake, specializing in biscuit producing machinery since 1999 and become the LARGEST GROUP biscuit machine manufacturer in Guangdong, China. We always bring high-quality and satisfying service to our clients. So, contact us!

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