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How Soda Crackers are made in industrial manufacturing?

How Soda Crackers are made in industrial manufacturing?


Soda Cracker, also known as Saltine Cracker, is one kind of famous biscuits around the world.Soda cracker has a distinctively dry and crisp texture.Soda Crackers are usually made from white flour, yeast, and baking soda, with coarse salt on the surface.

The history of Soda Cracker

Soda crackers first appeared in “The Young Housekeeper" by Alcott in 1838.

Then soda crackers became popular after F. L. Sommer & Company of St. Joseph, Missouri invented wafer thin cracker fermented by baking soda in 1876.In 20th century, soda crackers were sold in Puerto Rico and referred to them as Export Soda.

Soda crackers have been popular in the USA for more than 150 years.

The secret of the holes in soda crackers

I was wondering why soda crackers have such holes since I was a child.They might have different shapes, flavors,sizes and tastes, but they have one characteristic in common---they all have holes.They might just for decoration?No, these holes are for steam escaping.Because there are a lot water inside raw crackers.While baking, heat will turn water into steam and escape from cracker.Without those holes in soda crackers, crackers may burst or have big bubble(not baked properly).In biscuit factory, there are many needles on a roll die for holes pricking.With holes, raw crackers are able to release steam and baked properly.

How soda crackers are made in industry?

Manufacturing soda crackers basically divided into four parts:mixing, forming, baking and cooling.

Mixing:using vertical mixer to finish ingredients mixing

Fermentation:allow the dough to ferment at the specified temperature and humidity.

Forming:unlike process of classic hard biscuits, soda crackers need a laminator to laminate dough into 4-6 layers of a preset thickness.Laminated layers go through gauge rolls and then are cut into raw crackers by rotary cutter.

Baking:raw crackers are baked in a 4-zone tunnel oven.

Cooling:with continuous belt conveyor system, allows hot crackers cool down to release the remaining steam in case of getting damp in the package.

This is the industrial manufacturing process of soda cracker.If you are interested of this article, please follow our Facebook.We will share more interesting knowledge about biscuit production line.

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