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130th Canton Fair, outlook for the future of foreign trade

130th Canton Fair, outlook for the future of foreign trade


At this year's Canton Fair, many exhibitors brought a large number of innovative products, brought new life concepts and consumption scenes to consumption, attracted the favor of many buyers, and a large number of innovative enterprises achieved better display results.

Under the COVID-19, in order to better explore the international market, about 26,000 companies have displayed online channels, and a large number of companies have participated in online and offline exhibitions. 

"The Canton Fair is a business card of China's opening to the outside world, and the longer it lasts, the more it will shine. It has become a public product of the world." said Zhang Xiangchen, Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization. Due to the restriction policy of the Canton Fair this year, we participated in the Canton Fair this year through live broadcast and offline visits.

Highlighting “driving China’s binary rotation”, the fair has invited domestic and foreign buyers to share online and offline, boosting both the domestic and foreign trade. The 5-day online event received more than 30 million visits on its official website while it attracted 7,795 exhibitors and over 600,000 visitors in the 5-day offline exhibition. We really wish to see you participate in the exhibition in person again.

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