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Biscuit breaker

Biscuit breaker
For waste biscuit from biscuit production line


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Product Characteristics

In the biscuit production line, waste biscuits will inevitably be produced due to various reasons.It’s so wasteful to throw away waste biscuits because they can be used again after crushing.At this moment,a biscuit breaker is often used to deal with these waste biscuits.

Our biscuit breaker adopts cold water circulation cooling system.Every part of biscuit breaker in contact with the product or material is made of 304 stainless steel.It’s High-speed rotating device adopts high-quality accessories of national standard.Use 6-8 layers of grid knives, which is equivalent to 52000-68000 knives per minute to cut the material.These knives makes the machine chops smoothly,and the output powder is uniform,with particles between 50-80 mesh.The output powder can be directly used in the biscuit process.If the process requirements are higher, you can manually use a mesh screen to re-screen.The biscuit breaker has the advantages of small size, reasonable structure, hygienic use, low noise, high production, etc.With good quality and competitive price, this biscuit breaker is your ideal choice.


Product Characteristics

-High output


-Can break the biscuit with cream


-304 stainless steel


-Low noise


Product Details

Providing customers with a whole automatic biscuit production line machinery which from material dosing to packing.

Effect of broken bread


Biscuit production line used for automatic making biscuit.

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