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Biscuit Packaging in Biscuit Production

Biscuit Packaging in Biscuit Production


Packaging in biscuit production, the surface impression is used for protection. However, the packing process is much more than conveying safely and conveniently to the customer. Packaging a biscuit, cracker or cookie in a pack also allows displaying the information according to local legal requirements such as biscuit type, weight, ingredients, manufacturer, shelf life and so on. In addition, various beautiful designs that can attract customers can be attached to achieve the effect of attracting purchases and being easy to identify.

  • Choosing different packaging materials can also provide the following functions:

  • Provides effective moisture and odor isolation

  • Prevent oil leakage

  • Protects against visible and ultraviolet radiation

  • Protect cookies from damage during transportation


Packing type

Flow packing machines

These horizontal packing machines work by continuously wrapping biscuits in packing materials and creating sealed packs with tidy folded ends. There are on-edge flow packing machines and pile flow packing machines. When the on-edge flow packing machine works, the infeed chain of it is fed by groups of biscuits. The film is fed from a reel above and folded around the biscuit group as a tube. Then the biscuit groups are packed as the film is heat-sealed by rotating sealers. As for the pile flow packing machine, there is a continuous loader that can form biscuits in piles of two and pack one or two piles from a single line in feed. The flow packaging machine has the characteristics of high speed and multi-function, and can adapt to many types of biscuits. In addition, pallet equipment can be added to achieve packaging of biscuits in thermoformed plastic trays.



Vertical packing machine

Vertical packing machines are well-suited for packing small snack biscuits or individual biscuits. Biscuits are fed in bulk to a multihead weigher, which divides the biscuits into portions and weigh them individually. The machine forms the packs from a flat roll film and simultaneously fills the bag with a preweighed quantity of biscuits. The vertical packing machine is of midspeed and suitable for standard bag packing such as pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags.


Biscuit cartoning machine

These machines pack those already packaged biscuits into cartons or cartons, automatically putting packaged biscuits or cookies into corresponding compartments within the cartons. Biscuit cartoning machines are often used to pack large quantities of biscuits or biscuits. There are usually three packaging forms:

  • Top loading carton

  • Vertical carton

  • Horizontal carton


Golden Bake's packaging machines for biscuit/snack production lines are of the highest quality, durable and designed to operate with the utmost precision. Characteristics of the packing machines include excellent manufacturing, ease of installation, structural rigidity, high output and long service life. Various types of packaging machines can be equipped to meet your various production needs.

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