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How to Make Hard Dough Biscuits

How to Make Hard Dough Biscuits



Machine required for this process: Mixer. Hard doughs have relatively high amount of water and small amount of fat and sugar. During the mixing process, the dough is vigorously cut and sheared to develop the gluten. Taking full advantage of its structural forming capability, it forms a malleable dough suitable for sheeting and cutting into raw biscuits. As the mixer works on the dough, the temperature of the dough gradually rises. For products such as Marie biscuit, those doughs are mixed to a fixed preset temperature.

To ensure producing finished biscuits with correct shape and quality. We need to mix the dough with the fixed recipe and mixing method. And standardize the process to achieve and maintain consistency.

For most hard dough products, the process is an ‘all-in’ mix, by placing all the ingredients in the mixer. Firstly place the solids and then the syrups and liquids and so on. Mixing until smooth dough appears. The dough is used straight away without standing except for crackers. The cracker doughs need to be fermented. In addition, the semi-sweet biscuit doughs need to maintain the temperature.



Machines required for this process: (laminator), gauging units, dough sheet relaxation conveyor and rotary cutter. Products requiring a layered structure(such as crackers) need to be laminated before sheeting. After sheeting, the dough sheet shrinks and requires good relaxation before cutting. For products with complex patterns, it is recommended to use double rollers rotary cutter to achieve clear patterns, lettering and docker holes.



Direct Gas Fired and Indirect Radiant ovens are both suitable for baking hard dough biscuits. No matter individual ovens or a Direct Gas Fired / Indirect Radiant combination oven. As for the most suitable oven, it should be considered according to the products you need to make. Special products like caramel crackers require additional caramelization equipment at the oven outlet.


Oil spraying and Cooling

For most hard biscuits, there will be an oil sprayer for oil spraying after baking. Gives cookies gloss and deeper color. Then biscuits are carried by a cooling conveyor system to cool down naturally to avoid checking. The ratio of baking to cooling time should be 1:1.5 for fully cooling.


Handling and Packing

After cooling, the biscuits are marshaled by a handling system for later packing. The system channels the biscuits into a suitable arrangement for transfer to the packaging machines. There will be a star wheel stacker or a penny stacker to finish the stacking for transfer automatically or manually to the packing machine.

There are many types of hard biscuits, and we can find them in convenience stores, restaurants, and cafes. Apparently people around the world enjoy cookies all the time. The hard biscuit production line can uniformly and stably help manufacturers produce products that satisfy consumers. The hard biscuits produced are uniform in size, shape and quality. If you want to know more about the biscuit production line, you may wish to click 'Contact Us' below. If you are interested of this article, please follow our Facebook. We will share more interesting knowledge about biscuit production line.

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